Eurydice - Limited edition


Eurydice - Limited edition

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Fine art editions Gicle prints on bright white matt finish archival paper with high density velvet finished ink.

20x20, 30x30 and 75x75 - Editions of 10

40x40 and 60x60 - Editions of 20

Super high gloss edition C-type print on Fuji flex stock

50x50 edition of 10

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Muse to her husband Orpheus who, after her death travelled
to the underworld playing such sweet music she was set free, but here was a condition he must walk in front and not look back until they surfaced. He turned as they reached daylight and she vanished back into the Underworld. She is both a mystery and an inspiration to songwriters and authors. 

This Crystalline planet appeared in the 2015 Jaeger Lecoultre yearbook

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